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ActiveStartup - award winning startup manager for Windows.  ActiveActions
  launch tool and hotkeys manager
   current version : 1.25 build 31 (released 23.11.2008)

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ActiveActions is a launch tool that also acts like hotkeys manager. You can launch documents, links, open folders or desktop objects and do any thing of this type with just one keyboard click. This program can be used as assistant in email creating (inserting standard phrases into mail clients, chat clients and so on ...), programming, for easy access to daily Windows function (like, exit, logoff, hibernate and more). It also helps you to surfing internet using quick access to your favorite bookmarks.

Flash demo - "How to use ActiveActions"

ActiveActions supports Windows95/98/Me/NT/2000/2003/XP/Vista operation systems.

Language supported : English Korean Ukrainian Russian


"ActiveActions offers you the interface to directly open any files, documents or desktop items with the help of a single key. Now opening any file, folder, links or documents will be just as far as pressing a hot key on your keyboard. Your time is precious hence this application which not only makes your desktop handling easy but also acts as an efficient assistant in email creating. It is a good popup menu tracker that can display easy user friendly actions over windows. It does not even occupy your desktop space by efficiently hiding itself in the system tray. The many other capabilities of this application are; it can save and load your regular configurations, launch your favorite screensavers or bookmarks with a single key, any edit window is capable to import text. This friendly application will become compatible with your Windows XP and will prove useful even in your daily functions. ActiveActions, this must to have tool is supported with a multilingual and a user friendly interface."

 Review at www.freedownloadscenter.com

Features :

  • Launch any application or document with just one click

  • Quick access to system objects (like Control panel and other)

  • Can track popup menu with actions over any window and at any place

  • To save desktop space ActiveActions hides to system tray

  • Send mail to predefined text, subject and address

  • Save / Load your favorite configurations

  • Run system default screensaver in one click

  • Insert text in any edit window

  • Friendly user interface

  • Multilanguage support

  • Clipboard support

  • Easy open often used folders

  • Supports WindowsXP themes

What's new in version 1.25?

[*] - Fixed bug with Vista non-admin users
[*] - Some usability improvements


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